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I like bangladesh-It is wonderful with great-hearted people, I'll come here again----Fabian from Netherlands.      ### My time spent wwofing in Bangladesh was truly a wonderful experience, the people were friendly, the work I did on the farm was most interesting----John VH from Canada.          ###It is beyond my expectation! The extended families are so great and cooperative. WWoofing in Bangladesh is really a great experience----Ylenia from Italy.


Q1. How do I get to Bangladesh?
Ans. one flies directly into Dhaka (The Shahjalal International Airport) using major airlines with direct flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Kualalampur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kathmunda, Dubai, Doha and Rangoon.

Land routes are also available from India and Nepal.

From Nepal, Banglabondh is the main land crossing entry point.

From India, Petrapol/Benapol is the main land crossing entry point.

Q2. Where do I stay when I come to Bangladesh?
Ans. Contact WWOOF Bangladesh and we will email you hotel and host info.

Q3. How can I contact the Hosts?
Ans. Contact WWOOF Bangladesh and we will facilitate the arrangement with the Host.

Q4. How long can I stay in Bangladesh?
Ans. Tourist Visa is 3 months. Visa extension is time consuming and very difficult. Contact WWOOF Bangladesh for invitation to facilitate visa processing and longer stay.

Q5. Will I have problems with entering Bangladesh?
Ans. With appropriate visa and a print-out of the �Invitation Letter�from IUBAT, (which you need to submit to the Bangladesh Embassy - and make an extra copy for yourself) entry is straightforward. Make sure (check your passport & visa when it comes back) that the length of your visa covers your intended length of stay. Visa renewal while in Bangladesh is difficult. In case of doubt contact WWOOF Bangladesh.

Q6. Where do I get a Visa? For More.......
Ans. In your home country or at the Bangladesh Embassy of any other country, remember, a Visa takes time to obtain –anywhere from 3-5 hours or 48 hours or one week.

Q7. What is the reality of WWOOFing in Bangladesh?
Ans. Bangladesh is a poor country with many challenges. However, the people are very warm-hearted, friendly and open. It is a moderate Muslim country (92%). When you are at your Hosts, we ask that you make a daily USD 3.00 (about 210 Taka) donation to cover their basic food costs in hosting you.

Q8. Where can I get info on Bangladesh?
We suggest you buy a Lonely Planet Guide to Bangladesh and read About Bangladesh on this website.

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