Use of drugs or narcotics is strictly prohibited. Defaulter will be send back at their own risk and cost and in addition liable for legal action.

Simple yet nutritional, food will be served at all the farm. Utmost care is taken in preparing food hygienically, each meal served to the willing worker has distinct menu not repeated in other site

Your safety and well being is our concern. While every care will be been taken to ensure your safety wwoof Bangladesh cannot be held responsible for any accident, illness and such other unforeseen events. You shall be responsible for taking care of your valuables and belongings. Try to avoid wearing sleeve less shirts, short skirts or shorts, low cut tops etc because these are not common in rural villages. Hugging, touching or flirting in public is not a normal Bangladeshi culture .Keep proper distance and behavior with other volunteers, farm staff or hosts.

Those needing special medication should bring their own medicines as per their personal doctor prescription. People having asthma, blood pressure, heart or high altitude ailments should avoid to participate.

One aspect of this wwoofing philosophy is insuring environmental protection preserving the ecology. Wrappers, plastics, empty boxes etc. should not be littered but it is necessary to dispose. Ensure that the living area is kept clean at all the times and upon leaving too.